Formed in 1990 by Dr. Malte Hozzel, Oshadhi suggests ‘recovery plants’ in the language of ancient India. The mission of the company is to deliver you the most reliable quality organic, natural essential oils. You can feel safe when you select Oshadhi. 70% of our essential oils are accredited organic or wildcrafted. Eco-Cert, the European licensing body which supports the highest worldwide requirements offered all of Oshadhi’s worldwide certifications. Oshadhi items come directly from the grower, making sure a fair price for the farmer, and assuring the highest quality.

All products from are entirely handcrafted, from farm to bottling, without the use of electromagnetic machinery to prevent disruption of their exquisite subtle residential or commercial properties. Their vibrancy, extraordinary aromatic quality, and purity ensure that they are full of life. We utilize Oshadhi essential oils to increase health, development, and wellness.

They are blessings from the plant world. Every particular plant gives out lots of scents or odors. Each smell is a complex combination, that together gives rise to a unique aroma and to a distinct restorative advantage. We want the most refined essential oils to form the most refined experience. The inherent intelligence in the plant awakens the inner intelligence of our body and mind. Being among the absolute best essential oils brand names in Malaysia, we provide product lines including carrier oils, fragrance diffusers, melaleuca oil, jojoba oil, tamanu oil, grapeseed oil, and other essential oils related goods. You can also take part in our aromatherapy workshops and massage training programs.

Oshadhi essential oils boost, calm and relax, motivate and influence, harmonize our feelings, enhance our physiology and eliminate physical signs. They enhance lots of locations of mind-body functioning, like the immune system, the cardiovascular system, the respiratory system. The best quality of essential oils and essential oil diffuser is fundamental for top advantage.