Waxing is amazing at rapidly, economically, and safely removing hair from many parts of the body. Cool Shine Cosmetics is a qualified supplier of hair removal waxing products also including ready-to-use wax strips, waxing strips/rolls, hard wax beans, as well as nose pore cleaning strips.

We are experts in secretive labeling professional services as well as we provide extensive OEM/ODM solutions for brand names owners worldwide. Our hair removal waxes are formulated to be low melt issue, non-sticky, and leave no wax leftovers after waxing.

Our depilatory waxes use maximum adherence to unwanted hair. Our depilatory waxing strip gives a reliable, efficient, and more enjoyable waxing experience for people who have unwanted hair problems.

Besides, we concentrate on goods research and development, keeping service enhancing the workmanship of our items and also more ideal the manufacturing management enhancing the manufacturing ability to minimize our cost, outputting even more as well as better goods with affordable price to fulfill the growing domestic as well as worldwide market requests. All we are doing is to bring further returns to our customers and satisfy the consumers with quality as well as secure goods.